Monday, August 29, 2011

...and so it begins.

I heard a comment today, during a segment about the Galapagos Islands, stating effectively that extinction is a natural part of evolution.  As we evolve and our world changes, for better or for worse, the strong will survive and the weak shall die.  Why then, is this not true in an ever "evolving" free market economy?  Why should J.P. Morgan, Bank of America, General Motors, and the others not be allowed to die naturally and make room for up and coming "species"?  Just because American banks and auto makers fail does mean that American's will no longer be able purchase cars or find loans - they will just get them from a different source.  As more well managed companies file in to fill the gap, the unemployed workers will find jobs with them, products and services will be produced, and life will go on.

I find it most frustrating that America tries to solve all problems by throwing money at them.  We have lost our hearts, our souls, and the "can do" attitude of fifty years ago that made this country great.  So, what can change all this?  How do we turn this around?  What is the magical key to creating the American utopia we all long for?  Simply put, some of us have to leave.

We built ourselves on immigrants from around the world and still continue to do so.  Many people in many places still believe that the streets here are, in fact, paved with gold.  Depending on from where ye come, this may be true.  But I hear tell of some places out there where the streets are platinum.  It is time to admit something, time to lay it out there, accept, and move on: America is no longer the greatest country in the world.  There, it has been said - we are all better now.

For years we have been the greatest country in the world...according to us.  So, that said, EVERY other nation in the world must be less than us and that MUST be just fine for THEM.  Well people, it is our turn.  We must take our place as second best just below every other country that is "the greatest country in the world".  At least for a time, this must be done.  But, sadly no one knows this; or if they do they cannot bring themselves to admit it much less speak of it.  So how, how then, do we send a message to the leaders and people of this country that this simple fact is true?  We leave.  Our best, brightest, and most driven must begin their exodus.  Our innovators, inventors, researchers, scholars, poets, playwrights, song writers, and teachers must not only stand up, but walk away as well.  Those who lead must leave the flocks behind.  Then, and only then, will the masses of sheep begin to awaken when all of their heroes have gone and see that serious work needs to be done to put America back on track.

So, with that, I prepare, anticipate, and embrace my future in another land.  A place where, everyday, people wake up, eat breakfast, kiss their kids goodbye and off to work.  A place where your team never wins, the neighbors down the block are a bit off, and traffic is still horrible.  Everyday, all over the world, life is happening in countries just as great as ours.  I for one am going to go see for myself, and wake up, eat breakfast, kiss my wife goodbye, go to work, and see what I can't do to get my team to win for once.

Becoming an Expatriate

I'm going down the path of becoming an expatriate: what it takes, road blocks encountered, fears, questions, reactions from others, tips & tricks, and the like.

While I have been planning a move to France for some time, a recent trip to Mexico has put the Spanish speaking regions south of the U.S. on my radar.  In particular Costa Rica.  So while it is likely that I write this for myself and no other - here I go down the road of pseudo public accountability for my lofty personal goals.

Next step: Pick a country
(this will be really helpful when I decide to continue learning French or to pick up where I left off with High School Spanish.)

Right now France, Germany, and Norway top the list, but in the coming days and weeks I'll be weighing some pros and cons and see what comes of all of this.

Au revoir/Adios