Monday, August 29, 2011

Becoming an Expatriate

I'm going down the path of becoming an expatriate: what it takes, road blocks encountered, fears, questions, reactions from others, tips & tricks, and the like.

While I have been planning a move to France for some time, a recent trip to Mexico has put the Spanish speaking regions south of the U.S. on my radar.  In particular Costa Rica.  So while it is likely that I write this for myself and no other - here I go down the road of pseudo public accountability for my lofty personal goals.

Next step: Pick a country
(this will be really helpful when I decide to continue learning French or to pick up where I left off with High School Spanish.)

Right now France, Germany, and Norway top the list, but in the coming days and weeks I'll be weighing some pros and cons and see what comes of all of this.

Au revoir/Adios

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