Monday, October 10, 2011

Accountability - Day 6

Hola amigos!

Hoy es el dia numero seis...and I'm embarrassed I have no accents and that grammar probably is poor.  But I am learning!  Six days in a row of taking at least one Spanish lesson.  ...and at least one person in Germany hit my blog yesterday.  So, somewhere in the world, at least one stranger might know what I'm doing.  Or it was a missed click on an obscure google search...  Either way - muy bien!!!

Right now I'm just hoping I stop sounding like an eight year old gringo soon.

So, today's word of the day: fregadero - sink

Su taza esta en el fregadero.  (Your cup is in the sink.)

Su perro verde es debajo del fregadero.  (Your green dog is under the sink.)

Nothing wrong with a little silliness - keeps learning fun!

Tengo hambre.  Necesito una ensalada ahora.


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