Thursday, October 13, 2011

Accountability - Day 9

Spanish level one, unit three, core lesson.  Things are turning up as some of the vocabulary surpasses what was covered in my three years of High School Español.  Desayuno?  Cerano?  Could be spelling those wrong, not sure - but I think they have something to do with eating at a certain point of the day.  That is the one bad thing about the Rosetta Stone imersion - if you don't get it, you just have to hope it makes sense at some point.  Like in this case, you see the word two or three times, have no clue as to their meaning, and you may not see them again for several lessons.  A little frustrating, but you have to trust the process I suppose.

A few years from now, when we are comfortable in our new home in Central America, I'll look back on this and laugh.  But is a reminder that we have to be beginners at some point and we should offer support, sympathy, and encouragement to all trying to break out, do something new, or live a way of life not on the radar of most.

Live small.  Live simple.  Live.

Hasta mañana amigos!

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