Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Accountability - Days 13 & 14

Diligent on the Spanish, not so much on the blogging...  Lessons continued yesterday and today which brings us two thirds of the way to making the 21 day Español learning challenge complete!

On a side note, it is becoming more enjoyable to hit the lessons and much less 'chore-like'.  Slowly but surely I am building the confidence that will get me into basic conversations with Spanish speakers.  However, unlike your Spanish teacher in High School, the average person doesn't know how much you know and invariably will go over your head in about two seconds...  Call it a learning opportunity if the other person can be patient enough with you.

But, truth be told, it is pretty cool to speak in a new language and have a native speaker understand you.  Earlier this year, when I was still working on French, I had to call the French Cultural Center where they answer the phone in French.  Then there is that clumsy moment where you answer back in English, they get it, and the conversation continues in English.  However, for this call, I had worked out how to say, "I apologize, I do not speak French.  Do you speak English?"  To this the French woman on the other end of the phone replied, "Oui, of course.  How can I help you?"  A small victory to be certain, but a victory none the less.

Back to the Spanish!  Until next time...


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