Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Accountability - Days 18-20

OK, I'm a bad blogger when it comes to daily updates.  But in my defense, saying, "Did it again." day in and out get's to be a bit lame.  I have also fallen down a bit on the word of the day, but there are already a million sites where that can be had (and they do have one EVERY day).  However, my word of the day has forever solidified puenta (bridge) in my mind - so purpose served for me.  The Mac keyboard shortcuts - great stuff for the short term, let's face it, if you are to do any serious amount of typing in Spanish, French, or other languages that have different keyboard layout, you're going to need to set up a computer and keyboard appropriately. 

(Note to self: get Spanish keyboard for mac...)

Now then, back to the "did it agains" which I did do again over the weekend up to and though my Level one, unit three milestone taking me to unit four.  So, later today, I'll be rolling into that a bit further and will thus complete the 21 day Spanish language learning/habit forming challenge!

...and here's a WOTD for ya in case you miss them:

toalla (ta-why-uh) - towel.

El perro mojado necesita una toalla. (The wet dog needs a towel.)

So there you have it.  One night of lessons away and then we're on to phase two.  Not sure what that is yet.  Perhaps I will use those clever keyboard shortcuts to post a blurb about my day, in Spanish, every day for the next 21 days?  Hmmm...

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