Sunday, October 30, 2011

Dia veinticuatro - escribir

Hoy tengo nada... 

It is so very challenging to try to express yourself in a new language when you know so very little of it.  You can only get so far on:
  • The man runs.
  • I like soup.
  • The girl does not like carrots.
  • My old ladder is broken.
  • The door is near the window.
I suppose one great thing about getting serious about learning a new language is a new found respect for those who have learned English and who must use it in the United States.  Though this is more difficult to grasp for English speakers - we can go virtually anywhere and someone will speak English.    English is common, a default.  Suddenly a person from Norway in Columbia speaking some English, a little Spanish, and knowing they are fluent in Norwegian carries a bit more weight with me now.  Change the countries and languages in the example all you want - I still think it takes a greater level of person to know more language than one was raised with.  I can only hope that in my time here on earth I come to learn to communicate in no less than five languages.  Culture transcends what we read in the pages of books and see on the television.  On the street, with the people, conversing in their language - that is where culture is discovered.  Here's hoping I discover, really discover, more than two...

Hasta luego!

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