Friday, November 11, 2011

Countdown to December - 20 Days

All grammar all the the time - rock and roll.  OK, maybe not.  Weaseled out and took a single 10 minute lesson.  Such a double edged coin - you want to learn enough to be able to express yourself and perhaps begin basic conversations, but not knowing enough to do so is frustrating and makes motivation difficult at times.

But I suppose no one will worry about how much Spanish I don't know if I just sit here and do nothing about it.  I think it is time for more involved learning.  It is time to find that Spanish language radio station.  To watch my DVD's in Spanish with subtitles.  To find places to go where I can hear Spanish being spoken.  ...and yes, perhaps even engage in broken conversation with the couple of persons I know who speak Spanish.  It is time to do más!


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