Wednesday, May 30, 2012

French Accountability - Days 10-14

So, since I take these lessons first thing in the morning at work, getting a chance to blog about them is tough when things get busy.  Basically I pop my lesson and then dive into grinding out code.  There is my excuse, I stand by it, I've been busy - deal with it. :)

Anyway, Thursday and Friday of last week got lessons.  Sunday through Monday were off due to a holiday and now Tuesday through Thursday have has at least a lesson each. 

But now, since it's immersion, you don't get explanations about grammar and such.  So I get why it would be `Cet homme` and Cette femme`.  But why then is it `Ce garçon`?  The examples were along the lines of `Cet homme est d'Australie.` and `Ce garçon est de France`.  I can memorize this, and maybe that's all it is; but some context would make it easier to recall.  Immersion is great, but sometimes a bit of a back story is nice too.  Still busy, back to it!

Au revoir!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

French Accountability - Days 7 - 9

Bon jour!

Oui - je suis un lame ass.  While I have been working the lessons Monday, Tuesday, and today, I've been a bit lazy with the blog.  But, on the up side, I can say much in French (yet) and there is not much interesting about the early lessons.  With hope, in the near future, I will start posting up some clumsy French, some typing types for English speaking persons looking to add é, ç, and other French characters to your typing. the spirit of keeping things brief, I'll stop there and blather more in a day or two.  Thanks for reading.

Au revoir!

Friday, May 18, 2012

French Accountability - Days 3 - 6

No, I did not fall off the wagon that quickly (after two days...).  Just been letting the blog slide as there is so little content to push each day.  (and laziness) 

So, got back in on Tuesday and wrapped up the backlog of Adaptive Recall lessons.  Been banging out one or two a day since including one this morning.  Might hit it on the weekend, might not - being honest here.  I figure if I can be solid and consistent Monday through Friday every week I'll still be much further along in a month or two than if I did things sporadically.

Have a great weekend - here's to continued motivation and success!

Au revoir!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

French Accountability - Day 2

Despite pressing issues at work, I found time to step away and bang out two RS French lessons.  Got to break some old patterns and start building new ones.  It would have been very easy to just pass on it today and make some excuse with "work stuff" going on, but not today.  Still muscling through the adaptive recall lessons that have built up but that is likely a good thing as doing well on them is rewarding and encouraging.

OK, well I will sign off for the long weekend of competition ahead and I'll be back to my anonymous accountability next Tuesday.  Now back to "work stuff" for a few hours or twelve...

Au revoir!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

French Accountability - Day 1

OK - it's day 'un' and I have gotten back to the RS (Rosetta Stone) for a couple of French lessons.  After some time away the product throws 'adaptive recall' lessons at you to remind you where you were and to reinforce previous concepts.  Having not touched this in a bit, I suspect I'll round out the week with those (remember, this week Friday through Monday do not count due to competition). 

So, today, small win with two adaptive recall lessons with only a single error.  Not a bad (re)start.  More to come!

Au revoir!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Getting back on the horse...

Well hey there lost little blog of mine - been a while.  Quickly, in the spirit of small steps make a change stick; methinks it time to recommit to a short term language learning goal.  Twenty-one days, at least one lesson per day - but this time in French.  (Where it all began...)

So ya, I'll fire that up starting tomorrow with day un.  But, I do this knowing full well, I'll be taking this weekend off.  Got a powerlifting meet and I know I need to be in the zone - pick things back up Tuesday.  OK?  OK.

Au revoir