Wednesday, May 30, 2012

French Accountability - Days 10-14

So, since I take these lessons first thing in the morning at work, getting a chance to blog about them is tough when things get busy.  Basically I pop my lesson and then dive into grinding out code.  There is my excuse, I stand by it, I've been busy - deal with it. :)

Anyway, Thursday and Friday of last week got lessons.  Sunday through Monday were off due to a holiday and now Tuesday through Thursday have has at least a lesson each. 

But now, since it's immersion, you don't get explanations about grammar and such.  So I get why it would be `Cet homme` and Cette femme`.  But why then is it `Ce garçon`?  The examples were along the lines of `Cet homme est d'Australie.` and `Ce garçon est de France`.  I can memorize this, and maybe that's all it is; but some context would make it easier to recall.  Immersion is great, but sometimes a bit of a back story is nice too.  Still busy, back to it!

Au revoir!


  1. Use "cet" for words that start with "h", like "homme". The pronunciation is the same though. Use "ce" for all others (masculin only). "ce homme" is bad grammar. There is a similar English rule with words that start with vowels.

    1. Thank you for the clarification. So if I understand correctly, I would use:

      Cet homme...
      Cette femme...
      Ce chat...
      Cette voiture...
      Ce manteau...