Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Français? Oui. Le blog? No...

Mes amies,

I have not fallen off the wagon (or earth) and I have been continuing on my journey into French.  I take up RS lessons Monday through Friday and I am now trying to take more than one or two and shooting for two to four per day.  It's coming along...  Mostly still learning base vocabulary at the end of the day, but as I listen to French radio I am picking out more and more words, so I take this as progress.

Also, working on organizing a French conversation group at work.  After recently losing a colleague who was fluent and had spent time in France I have decided not to let others who may be lurking slip by.  A new hire who had minored in French years ago is very excited to stay sharp and share her knowledge.  So, even if her and I just parle over a café from time to time that is still more conversation than I've had in the past so a good thing.  It is time to get over feeling like a `newb` and fumble around with words and grammer and subject myself to being corrected by another human being.  Here's hoping I find at least a few French speaking folks about the office to come out from time to time to share knowledge and stories.  Wish me luck!

Au revoir!